Our Family

easter family

Hello! We’re the Wrenches from beautiful Southeastern Ohio. We homestead on five acres, “home”school (although I really consider it more “outdoor” school, or “travel” school, or “life” school . . . neither home nor school is the limit of our education!), and travel as much as possible.

Our Outdoor School method is heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason, and while I dearly love to talk about the wisdom of her methods, there are others that do that far better than I. If you’re interested, you can read about it here:  Simply Charlotte Mason. However, while this is our primary method, the beauty of homeschooling is that it is and should be adaptable to each person and family, so we include other methods as well. Among these is lapbooking, educational shows (we’ve seen every nature documentary on Netflix), and -my favorite – traveling. I believe that traveling connects the dots with reading about a subject and actually internalizing it, so we travel whenever we can!

We just moved to our five-acre paradise in 2015 from a rented 58-acre farm. So far we’ve planted pawpaws, raspberries and blackberries, and a few pollinator plants like mock orange and perennial salvia. We built a small raised bed for a garden (heavy clay soil), put up a temporary fence for our dairy-turned-pet goats, and built a coop for a new flock of chickens (the old flock did not make it to the new property, alas).

Welcome to our home, and I look forward to sharing our journey with you!